About the Sisterhood

Meet the Sisters:

Brittany (the baby sister): Brittany is the ultimate book pusher. And once she hooks you with one recommendation, you can bet twenty more will follow. She used to work in theatre. And she was a teacher. And she worked in publishing. Now she writes full time and is represented by Suzie Townsend of New Leaf Literary. She's currently hard at work on a YA series and publishes New Adult works under a pseudonym. 

Brittany reviews YA and NA books.

Amy (the big sister): Amy is a stay at home wife & mother of 4 amazing but crazy kiddos. She has a degree in education with a concentration in English from the University of Texas, hook 'em!  She tends to be a tad obsessive especially when it comes to Classical Education and literature.  She likes her YA boys troubled and broken, so she can fix them!  her husband in real life is absolutely wonderful and perfect, so she never gets to practice her mad fixing skills!  Her YA obsession began in 2005 when Baby Sister Brittany finally talked her into reading Harry Potter 4.  After that, She never looked back!  So she owes her new hobby (which is a little too light of a word) to both of them!  Thank you JK & Britt!

Amy reviews YA and NA books.

Jenn( the middle sister): Jennifer is a stay at home wife and mother of an adorable 8 month old baby boy.  She has a degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Rhetoric and Persuasion and a minor in English Literature from Texas Tech University.  She has a house full of animals (3 dogs and 3 cats)--all that is missing is a hamster, but thanks to a rather tramatic incident with her childhood hamsters, Milo and Otis, she vows to never own one again.  She loves the mysterious, broody, and dark YA guys--in fact, she tends to fall for the bad guys most of the time.  The first YA book she ever read was Harry Potter (she was the first in the family to read it, even if it was for a literary criticism competition), and she has loved the genre ever since!  She is currently writing her own YA paranormal novel and hopes to follow in her little sister's footsteps and get an agent when the book is finished.

Jennifer reviews YA, NA, and Adult novels (only ones where the covers are still PG rated).

Sarah P. (honorary sister):  Sarah studied economics at Yale, and then worked on Wall Street for a decade before deciding to quit and do a swan dive into the world of books. She is an avid reader and writer of contemporary and historical fiction. Her novel Julia's Child was published by Plume / Penguin in 2012, and The Ski House Cookbook was published by Clarkson Potter in 2007. She lives in northern New England with her husband and two boys, in a home where the humor veers increasingly towards that of a frat house.

Sarah reviews YA contemporary fiction and some NA.