Review Policy

We, at the YA Sisterhood, are happy to receive books or audiobooks from you or your company that you wish us to review. We accept hardcopy arcs and ebooks compatible with Nook or Kindle. At this time, we accept Young Adult fiction and New Adult, and our interests usually land in the following order:

1. Parnormal 
2. Dystopian 
3. Fantasy 
4. Contemporary. 

We have recently started a "Not So YA Day" to celebrate NA and Adult Fiction.  This only comes once a week on Friday.  At this time, Jennifer is the only one who reviews Adult novels.  Please only contact her with your adult requests.  As we only review one NA/Adult book a week, we will not be able to accept all review requests.
But... there are exceptions to every rule, and we are open to considering books outside those genres. Currently we are not accepting Self-Published books for review. We try to always provide honest, constructive reviews for the books we read. However, in cases when we don't feel comfortable reviewing a book, we reserve the right to decline reviewing any book no matter how we received it. If you think we might be interested in your book, email us at We also love to do blog tours, interviews, and giveaways! 

Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are only able to reply to those requests which interest us.