Saturday, September 6, 2014

Blog Tour Review: No Limits by Lori Foster

Okay, it's not Friday--but this book is not YA!!!! It is recommended for readers ages 18+

No Limits by Lori Foster
Published by Harlequin
Release Date:  Available Now
Reviewed by YA Sisterhood's Mom and Jennifer
The Sisters Say:  Lori Foster could NEVER disappoint!

I have been waiting for Cannon's book since he was first introduced.  I loved his cool and calm demeanor, and he always seemed so.....sauve.  So, I knew, without a doubt that I would love him.  For those of you who have not read any of Lori Foster's books, you can jump in to any of them without reading the others.  However, I would recommend starting at the beginning because she always brings back old characters and its great to already know them.

There are NO LIMITS to the awe-tastic characters created by Lori Foster. And, oh man, Cannon is one of the best.  It seems like I have been waiting for his story FOREVER!!! You know how that first bite of chocolate pie is everything you thought it would be an more—well, that is Cannon—smooth, sweet, and makes your tummy flutter. It also helps that he is not only a character we met in Foster’s Undercover Series, but now he’s in one of his own:  The Ultimate Series. How awesome is it that we now have all those hunky fighters to sweeten the plot!

And speaking of sweeeeeeettttt—Let’s talk about Armie. Oh, he would never let you call him sweet because he’s all about outrageous, especially when it comes to women.  In fact he has sworn off of nice girls, except for Cannon’s sweetheart, Yvette.  She has a special place in his heart, and for her that sweetness seeps out as they have a close friendship.  Yet he steers clear of all the other nice girls lurking about, which is why I can’t wait to see one knock him out!

And finally, Yvette has grown so much since we met her in Dare’s book, but there is still that brokenness that she is holding together with quickly melting glue. And even though I wanted to push her forward a few times, her lack of confidence just made Cannon all that more adorable as he patiently waited for her. But those sizzling scenes were worth the wait. So to borrow a phrase from Foster herself, my love for Cannon has gone from “hello to hell yeah” now that I’ve read his story.

Now I’m just waiting to read about Armie, and I know Lori Foster will not disappoint—SHE NEVER HAS!!!