Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dark Angel: A Dark Fairy Tale by TJ Bennett

The following novel is recommended for Ages 18 and up!!!!
Dark Angel:  A Dark Fairy Tale by TJ Bennett
eARC received from Entangled Edge via Netgalley
Available Oct 22
Reviewed by:  Middle Sis Jenn
The Sisters Say:  Long winded and disappointing
When young widow Catherine Briton is washed ashore, the sole survivor of a violent shipwreck, all she wants is to go home to London. But injured as she is, she can’t escape when a shadowy stranger rescues her and takes her to his castle—where she’s healed with suspicious, almost magical speed.

The more time Catherine spends in the castle, the more her curiosity rises where her fiercely handsome new "master," Gerard, is concerned. As she begins to investigate, though, her discoveries only bring more questions. It seems Gerard isn't the only one on the island keeping secrets…

The small town is full of strange mysteries and townspeople who know more than they should about her. And when a hulking beast that stalks the nearby hills and valleys catches up to her, Catherine must figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

I really wanted to like this one, so much so that I pushed through it even though I found myself disinterested around the 25% mark.  I kept reading hoping it would get better, that the characters would really start to suck me in, that the romance would sweep me off my feet.  However, sadly, that time never came; and now I just find myself bitterly disappointed.

I love gothic stories—the mysterious and morose setting, the Byronic heroes, the never-ending mystery.  While there are elements of all these things in this novel, none of them really stood out and made a lasting impression.  Each one was, for lack of a better word,  just “okay.”  The setting was interesting—an island that disappears and reappears at the whim of some unknown power.  I really liked this idea, but I wanted to see more of the island.  We got brief descriptions of it here and there, but it was mainly just a bunch of fog.  I wanted to see the mesmerizing cliffs, hear the dangerous call of the sea; but it was never really given to me.

I somewhat enjoyed our dark hero, Gerard.  But again, he didn’t really capture me the way so many other gothic characters have.  He was gorgeous, full of secrets, and sexily domineering; but I wanted to see more of his and Elizabeth’s relationship.  One minute it was angry words, the next minute they were kissing against a wall; but there was no feeling to the scenes.  It wasn’t so sexy or powerful that it stole my breath away or that I wanted to read it again.  There was so much potential for a great and steamy love story, and I’m sad that we didn’t see it.

I think the thing that bugged me the most was the overwhelming amount of details.  I hate to say this, but there were times when I would skip 5-6 pages on my kindle and not miss a single thing!!!  That’s when you know there is too much description.  I got so frustrated with it because I wanted more suspense, more romance, more danger.

I think fans of historical romance will find parts of this story fun and mesmerizing; however, those who like a good dose of romance mingled with the history will be sorely disappointed.